And it's more than just a hobby. It's a part of you – It's your dream, your passion.

It's the story that is going to change somebody's life.

It doesn't just deserve to be told – It needs to be. Because somebody, somewhere, needs to read it.

So why hasn't it been told?

Why is it still in a drawer, tucked away from those who need to hear its message, feel its emotion, get lost in its words?

Is it because:

You don't have what it takes?
Somebody told you that you can't do it?
You don't know what to do next?
You're afraid of failure?
You've already failed?

Even if you answered yes to every single one of those questions, it still doesn't change these truths:

You have a story. You can tell it. But you need help.

And I can help you.

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