Give it a soundtrack

    Sometimes, we don't want to write. We never want to see another blank page, don't want to have to edit one more sentence. I know. I do it a lot.
    Then there are times when we do want to write. All we want is to sit there and let the words flow, but the river seems to have dried up.
    And then, there are times where one thing can change all of that. It could be anything, from a person who inspires you to create a character, to a sunset that is so beautiful it sends inspiration streaming through your veins.

    I've heard it said very often that if you wait for inspiration, you'll never get anything done. In a way, I agree with that. Saying that could become the excuse that kills your chance of ever writing anything.
    But I've found that, while we can't wait around for inspiration, when it comes, we must take advantage of it. Writing when we're not inspired is necessary, simply because we must never stop writing. But it will never be as beautiful or valuable as what we write when we are inspired. When passion runs through us, and our fingers fly across the keyboard like lightning, trying to keep up with the avalanche of words that rushes over us so suddenly.

    It could be gone just as suddenly, but when we write like that, we bring out the very best in us. Our fullest potential. It's when we're in that state that God speaks to us, speaks through us, and gives us those words we long for. The ones that can change the world.
    So while we can't sit around waiting for inspiration, we always have to be on the lookout for it. And we have to do all we can to prompt it.

    We each have our own thing that inspires us, but the one thing that I've found the most inspiring is music. Songs have a way of bringing out the inner storyteller in me, and it can usually get me into the 'mood' when I least expect it.
    Maybe I'm biased, because frankly, music is a passion for me that is equal to my passion for writing. But music is one of the most beautiful things God created, and Christian music, for me, is essential to connecting me with Him, whether I'm writing or not. And when I'm writing, it can not only inspire me, but also help to transport me into the book itself

    In a movie, there's a soundtrack. Those songs that will just burst out at strategic moments during the film, to pull you into the story in a way that only music can do.
    That's why I wish that books could have soundtracks, because it would make the experience so much better. My book has its own soundtrack (that only I'd understand!), and I'll pull up a specific song for a specific scene, and it helps me to sort my thoughts and come back to the heart of what my story is about.

    But right now, it's inspiration I'm going for. Songs that will pick you up when you're feeling hopeless.

    So it was while contemplating this that I had the thought to create a list, sort of a soundtrack. The songs that illustrate why we write, what we write, and who we're writing for. And maybe, just maybe, it can inspire you. So here it is: My list of inspiring songs.



    After compiling this, I then had another thought. What if we all had one of these? What if we each had our own soundtrack to go to when inspiration left us dry?

    So now it's your turn. Whether you're obsessed with music like me, or just like to turn on the radio while you speed down the highway, are there any songs that can take you to the places you want to be? Anything that really, truly inspires you in your writing journey?

    Think about it, then let me know! Share your 'soundtrack' (or anything else that really inspires you) in the comments.