Taking the Step       

There are three things that sparked this post.

#1: My ebook is coming out in the next couple of days (not weeks – days, and it amazes me that I can say that)

#2: I'm a part of a blogging challenge right now, and was encouraged to write a post. I sort of used the guidelines, but it grew to a full-fledged post.

#3: I wanted to share this with you, because I know I'm not the only one who goes through this. I know that you might very well have the same feelings, might be stuck in a rut, and might need a push forward.

                                    So here it is:

     I've been talking about this for a couple of weeks now: my book is coming out on Kindle this week. But I'm not here to self-promote or write a post that is just a thinly-veiled advertisement for it. If you want to read it, you will, and I'll be posting enough about it when it's out.
     But that's not what I'm here for. I am writing this because I am just like you. I'm a writer who writes and tries to get it out to the world. For over four years, I tried. And the trying didn't get me anywhere. Why it took me that long, I'll never know, but it taught me a more valuable lesson than I could have imagined, one that made it all worth it. I couldn't just try. I had to do it.

     It wasn't until I stopped, looked back, and realized where I was that my actual determination and dissatisfaction with the trying came out. I was tired of looking at stacks of papers. I was tired of letting the words God gave me go unread, and it wasn't going to happen anymore.

     So I stopped everything. I told the Lord that I did not want to be published. That I did not want to pursue a career. I didn't want fame, and I certainly didn't want my name in lights. I wasn't choosing that. Instead, I chose Him. I chose to sit back, leave it alone, and if He wanted me to go somewhere, I would.

     I guess that's what He wanted.

     In this challenge I'm supposed to be writing for, I was told to write about three things: My point of dissatisfaction, my vision for the future, and the steps I'm going to take to get to that vision.

     My story is a little different. I get the dissatisfaction part. My vision? Well, it doesn't belong to me. That's the point I'm trying to make. It's not my vision, it's not my life, and it's certainly not my plan. Everything, 100%, belongs to God. He directs those 'steps' I'll be taking, and I am not in control of any of it.

     Maybe you're there, too. Maybe you're dissatisfied with where you are. Maybe you've been trying for years. A couple of months ago, I was certain that it would be years before I'd be published (if ever). It took a push to get me to leap, and I would like to pass that on to you today. I wrote an article last week about the same thing, but today, as I sit hours away from being published, it is so real that I can taste it.

     Not my vision for the future. Not what I am going to do, or what I am going to become, but the fact that He is so real right now, and that I can feel Him using me. I know that God is going to bring this somewhere big, and it's because I decided to step out and give it to Him. I chose Him. And for a reason I will never understand, He chose me for this. This life is an adventure of faith.

     And He chose you, too.

     Instead of going on and on about what I feel, I'm turning it over to you. What's your story? How do you feel about your writing now? Will you join me in handing it all over to Him?