I believe what I believe. I have my values, what is important to me, and what I devote myself to. I am a Christian. God is #1, Family is #2, and writing is #3. I like to keep them in that order, though they sometimes get mixed up. But the power and grace and love of God is laced through everything else in my life, so no matter what I am doing, it all ties back to Him.

    I am a writer. I believe that writing is not only a hobby or even a career – it is an opportunity, a platform, a stage, and I have been given the chance to share what I believe with the world.
Maybe it's a small world. Maybe I have at best a dozen people who will read this. But that isn't going to stop me from writing it, or sharing what I believe.

    Right now I am astounded at the fact that there are people out there in the internet world who know what my name is, and who recognize F4HG. I am even more floored that there are actually a few people who have read The Hidden Soul. A few, yes. Literally. But I'm grateful right now - too grateful to let the nagging feeling of That's it? Only four readers who aren't related to me? How am I ever going to get anywhere? - affect me.

    I'm instead going to face them head on. I've had one mantra, one saying as I've struggled and stumbled my way into becoming a writer who is read. One vision and belief as I've worked to create my platform . It's what I've written in my articles, shared on social media, told my friends and family, and even what is written in the author's note at the end of my book.

    I am writing for one person. Not the masses, not the crowds, not the numbers that would make me a bestseller. I'm not writing for the numbers that will get me famous. I am writing for one singular person I have never met. The one who will read the words God told me to write, and be changed. Maybe not changed dramatically, but if someone walks away from reading what my hands typed, and finds themselves feeling ever so slightly different or changed or uplifted or more hopeful, that's it. That's why I'm writing.

    I have believed that with everything in me as I've sat here with no readers. As I wrote writings that only I would read, or maybe my parents on certain occasions. I've sat here for hours typing and scribbling and hoping that one day, someday, I'll get to share the words. And I told the Lord that if one person was changed, my work would be complete. I would be satisfied, and I would be content.

    And now I'm here - right where I've always prayed I'd be.

    I don't know if that one person has read anything I've written yet. I don't know who or where they are, when they'll read it or what they'll read. I don't know if it might be more than one person. Maybe two or three or more will be touched by what I say. Or maybe the one has already read it. I might never know who it is.

    And that is why, even though the moments come where I wonder if I'll ever have more than a few readers, I'm still going to write. Because I don't know if maybe one (or more) of those few readers is that one person I'm writing for. If God called me to devote my life to writing so that one heart could be changed, I will do it.

    I always go back to the parable of the talents that Jesus told, and I hold myself up to it. I know I've been given a small amount of 'talents', but I'm not going to hide them or bury them. No, I'm going to devote myself to gathering as many as I can, and if I end up only bringing one, then I will be satisfied. Because I know that is the reason why He called me to do it.

And that's enough for me.

What about you? What is your vision, your belief about why you write? Share your thoughts below!