I'm nobody. I'm one of 7.4 billion people who have a voice and are trying to shout above the deafening noise of creation. I have a message, something that was given to me to share with the world.

    But the world is a very big place.

    I know you've found that out, because you have it too. You are one in 7.4 billion, one voice, one mind, one soul with a mission to use what you've been given to share what you've been told. Whatever form it comes in, whatever it looks like, whatever you do, you're still one voice, just like me, just like every other soul.

    And you want to write.

    Because you have been given not only a voice, but a pen, and the ability to do what some can and others can't. You can take that message and put it on paper, and now you have something real that can be shared with the world.

    If you can get it there. But there is one problem standing in your way:

You're an amateur. You're a nobody. Your message might be laid out and ready to be shared with the world, but the world is still a big place and you're still one person.

                          That's why I started this blog.

    Because there are thousands of blogs out there by the ones who've succeeded, the ones who've made it, the ones who are on the NYT bestseller's list and left their amateur days behind years ago. Now they want to teach you, and if you want to be taught, that's where you go.

    But what if you don't want to be taught? What if you simply want to learn?

    And what if you wanted to know that there were people right there learning beside you?

    I'm still learning. As I write these posts on this blog, I'm still learning, still googling the proper spelling of words, still researching whether I should use who or whom. I'm still an amateur, and I have a long way to go before I'll be anywhere near anything but an amateur.

                                       But so are you.

     That's why we're a good match. Because here on F4HG, it's not me teaching you. It's me and you teaching each other, learning together, inspiring each other, and joined together for the cause of bringing glory to Christ's name.

    I don't just want this to be another writing blog. I want this to be a group, you and me and as many others as we can find, who want to learn together and share the message of Christ together through words, words inspired by God Himself.

                                  Let's do this together.

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