Hi, I'm Reagan

I'm an aspiring writer and recently published author with a lot of dreams, living on faith. God is my editor and publisher, and He's in control. I'm crazy for fiction writing, no matter what form it comes in. I published my first novella,The Hidden Soul, on Kindle in April 2016.
    I'm also a grammar freak, drama-loving girl who's just trying to start a freelance career. I started Fiction 4 His Glory to help other Christians who are new to the Fiction writing business learn and write along with me. We're all in it to Glorify Christ, and we're all one. My hope is that we can all connect and let His message be known through our writing.

I'll be posting articles on here weekly (or whenever I get the chance!) I'd love any input or tips from you. You can even send me any topic ideas you have! I can't wait to hear from you.

I pray you'll let God guide you through your own writing journey.