5 Reasons Why You Should
                          Write a Book

    Life is full of stories. Real stories, made-up stories, incredible stories, average stories. All of them mix together to create history, and each has their place in the story that God is so masterfully creating.
    Everyone is given one story – the story of their life. The story of how God used them, shaped them, changed them, saved them.
Each is incredible, and each has their place in real life.

    But we're talking fiction.

    If you're a fiction writer, you've not only been given the story of your life, but also a story (or countless stories), of lives that never existed. Made-up lives that can touch real lives, fictional people who real people can learn from. Created stories that can affect our real stories.

                     Stories that need to be told.

    And though the task of writing a book may seem daunting, unrealistic, too much, the very act of writing and attempting to write a book is more than worth it. Here are the five reasons why you should write a book.

            5 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book:

1. Because you've already got the story in you

    That's why you're here in the first place. Because you have an idea, and no matter how big or complex it is, it's still a part of you, and that part of you will not rest until that story is on paper. 
    Maybe you love stories, and have come up with an idea of a book you wish was there for you to read. It isn't there for you to read – it's there for you to write.
    If you have been handed an idea, and you feel that you were called to write, the only thing stopping you is yourself. So write.

2. Because it gives you a purpose and a mission

    How many people live their entire lives without pursuing their dreams, then wish that they had given them a chance? How many more great books would there be if each one of them had taken the time to listen to their calling and follow their dreams? If God has called you to write that story, starting to write will not only get it off your chest – it will give you something to really live for.
    In the mundane motions of life, we sometimes lose that zeal and passion for doing something different, something great. If you start writing that story, the fire that every soul comes equipped with will be rekindled, because you'll finally be doing what you love, and you'll have a mission.

3. Because you're scared

    Because you might tremble inside at the thought of attempting something that big. Because you want to write it, you feel that you were meant to do it, but you've read about the time, effort, and thought required to write a book, and suddenly you just want to back away and return to the regular, safe, unchallenged life you've always had.
    Stand and face the challenge. Realize that you're scared, and be grateful for it. Because when you're scared, when you've lost all confidence and faith in yourself, and when you can't rely on your own strength, that's when the Lord comes through and shows what He can do through you.

4. Because it'll change your life

    It wasn't until I began to write my book that I truly discovered myself. Through the years I've spent writing first that book, then moving on to write and publish another, I've discovered who I am, what I believe, and what I was meant to do. Flannery O'Connor said, “I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I said.”
    Before the words you write touch any lives out there in this world, they are going to change you. If you are doing it for God, through Him, and by Him, you are going to experience what I know has been the greatest feeling I have ever felt: The feeling of God Himself speaking through you, taking His message and writing it through your hands. Because those words aren't technically your own, they are going to change your life.

5. Because it'll change someone else's life

    If you write that book, if you take the story inside you, conquer the fear, discover your purpose, overcome the obstacles, let the Lord write through you, and let yourself be changed, you will then find yourself with something that was meant to be shared.
    Shared with the world.
    Just how big or small your 'world' will turn out to be, you don't know. But I can tell you this: If this is what God has called you to do, and if He is faithful enough to see you through every obstacle, over every mountain of doubt and fear, and if He has given you this book, it means only one thing:

    Someone is meant to read it.
    Someone is meant to be changed by it.

    At some time in your life, you read a book that touched you. Maybe it made you see something a little differently, or maybe it changed your whole life. Words have that power, and God uses that power to change hearts every day.
    If you read a book that changed you in any way, it's because the author didn't quit, didn't shy away, didn't let fear and doubt stop them from writing it. And because of that, those words made it as far as you, and were able to touch your life.

Now it's your turn.

It's your turn to take the stories and the words given to you, and do the unthinkable.

Write that book.