The Guide to Creating Characters

    There are many parts to writing a novel. Plot, dialogue, setting, style... the list goes on, but those four are the main things needed for the structure of a great story. Oh, and one more.


    I have written on here many times about the importance of characters. While we all know that all 5 of the above elements of fiction are equally important to construct a winning story, creating characters is my favorite task, and I always strive to press the importance of good, developed, and interesting characters.

    But, while I could go on for days about my thoughts on characters, today I'm turning the microphone over to those who have been doing it a lot longer than I have, and who have brilliant and priceless tips and advice for developing memorable characters:

How Do You Build a Strong Character in Your Writing
                         – Sophie Novak (via The Write Practice)

I have followed the Write Practice for years, and they never fail to have awesome writing advice. This article explores the psychological side of creating a character.

              3 Ways to Create Unforgettable Characters
                                               – Jerry B. Jenkins

The bestselling author of the Left Behind series (my personal favorite book series) gives the three tips he used in creating his characters.

                       How to Craft Compelling Characters
                             – David Corbett (via Writer's Digest)

This is a detailed article that illustrates the specific elements of a thoroughly developed character, with tips and prompts to help form real-life characters.

                                             Creating Characters
                     – Harvey Chapman (via Novel Writing Help)

This article explores in-depth not only the necessary elements of characters, but also the effect that our characters have on us.

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