The Game of Life

    One of my favorite games growing up was the Game of LIFE. As a kid, my goal actually wasn't winning. It was to get the career I loved, and have a full car of 'people' by the time it ended. I didn't even care about how much money I had or what strategy I'd use – I just wanted to get started on the actual 'life'. Which is why I didn't take the college road, and instead aimed for the career the moment the game started.

    The single greatest thing about what I do now, as someone less than a year away from her twentieth birthday, is that my life is turning into what I aimed for while playing that game. I didn't go for college, and instead have placed my piece on the career.
    And because of the support of my parents, and the help I have received online from friends and mentors, I've been able to start that at the same time that most are starting college.

    I write. That in itself is a miracle, coming from someone who hated English through all 12 grades of school. Someone who would rather have done anything in the world other than diagram a sentence. Now I'm published. Now my entire career is composed of English – writing it, editing it, reading it, learning it.

    It's kind of funny, actually.

    I believe undoubtedly that God planned it this way. If I had been just like anyone else my age, I wouldn't have this blog, and I most certainly wouldn't have a book. I also wouldn't have met the many awesome people that are doing this with me :)
    So when I was challenged today to write about the best parts of what I do, I actually found it difficult. Not because I couldn't think of anything good, but because what I do in its entirety is good. It's great. It's what I dreamed of.

    Because I can sit on the sofa in my house and start typing a post, then stop to read a story to my brother. Then I can return to finish the post, then have lunch with my family. Because I can at any time either pick up or put down the work. Yes, I have deadlines and responsibilities, but I have never stepped into a 'real' job in my entire life.

    It is good because I am fulfilling what I always wanted to do, and because my game of LIFE strategy is slowly but surely coming true. It is good because the only jobs I've held were ones I loved doing, and because I'm slowly building a life-long career from my living room.

    And the very best part is that I know this is where God wants me to be, and every day He is opening up more and more doors to share His goodness through words. 100% of my work is done on the internet, and by deciding to place me here, God has been able to use me to reach people all over the world. A small group, but a group nonetheless.

    And even before He did any of that, God used these words to help me find myself. And He has surrounded me with the incomparable joy of creating worlds and situations and people, and whether I'm sitting at the keyboard, driving in the car, doing the dishes... I'm writing. He is yet to stop the flood of inspiration from pouring into me, even when I'm certain I'll never make it as a writer.

    And the greatest feeling is to know that He isn't anywhere near being finished yet. Because there are hundreds of doors yet to be opened, and countless ways He is going to use me in the future. Because He is using my piece in this Game of LIFE to do something great through Him.

My turn is over – Now it's your turn. Tell us about your game of LIFE, what moves you've made, and where you are now. God isn't finished with you yet either. The game is nowhere near being over!