Frequently Asked Questions

                                     About F4HG

What is F4HG?

    Fiction 4 His Glory is a blog that I started last year, dedicated to bringing together writers who share a common goal: Writing for the glory of God. Here, I like to share my experiences, show you what I've learned along the way, and invite you to share your own experience.

How can I be a part of it?

    I invite all readers to comment on all of the posts, and share their opinions and experiences with me and the other readers. My vision is for this blog to grow into a community of like-minded writers who want to glorify the Lord with their writing.
    I welcome Guest Posts from anyone, no matter what their experience level is. Head over to the Guest Post Guidelines page if you want to be a part of F4HG!

What is the ONE belief?

    The ONE belief is what I personally have been led to believe is the reason that each of us have been called to write. I believe that God calls us to write for one person, the one whose day, week, or even entire life will be moved by our words. I believe that when we write, we should always do it:
1- For God, and
2- For that one person. Even if it ends up being more than one person, I believe we should still view our work as doing it through God and for that one reader.
    Though it is only my personal belief right now, I hope that this one day will become a writing movement.
    You can read more about it here

What is The Hidden Soul ?

    The Hidden Soul is my first published novella, which I finished earlier this year. The story focuses on a young Roman soldier named Marcus, who is commissioned to crucify a Man claiming to be the Son of God. The journey afterward leads him to discover more than he could have imagined.
    You can get it on Amazon Here

                            About Fiction Writing

How many words in a...

     A wide range is 40-100k words. General fiction usually lands in the 80-100k range, science fiction/fantasy can reach up to 130k, and young adult can be as low as 40k.
     17,500 - <40k words is the usual range, (Any number in between is ok – for example, The Hidden Soul was 18,300)
     7,500 - <17,500
Short story
     <7,500 (keep in mind that all magazines/periodicals that accept short stories have their own word count guidelines, so if you write short stories to be published, always reference guidelines before you decide on your word count)

How many chapters in a book?

     That all depends on your particular book. Different genres and different-sized books will all vary in their chapter count. In my opinion, it is best to write the book straight, then come in at the end and divide it into chapters. Always remember to keep them relatively the same length, and cut it off at appropriate times (Keeping in mind that cliff-hangers keep readers reading :)

How many scenes in a chapter?

     That all depends on the length of your scenes. If your scene goes on for ten or fifteen pages, you might get only one (possibly two) into a chapter. However, if your scenes only take up a couple of pages, you could fit five in. The key is to look at your novel as a whole, and place the chapters as evenly as you can. If one chapter has one scene, and the next has five, it's ok. Just be sure that your book flows nicely.

How long should a scene be?

     That depends on several factors, including: Novel vs novella, genre, literary or genre fiction, etc. The general rule is that you can use both long (several pages) and short (maybe a few pages) scenes in every chapter and book. But you should always, always mix it up. Never have too many short or long scenes in a row, because you run the risk of wither confusing or boring the reader.

Need help with: Dialogue?

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