Bringing Out the Best in Your Writing:
 What a Two-Week Blogging Challenge Has Taught Me

    To my amazement (and perhaps to the amazement of all F4HG regular readers), I have posted on here every day for almost two weeks. That's pretty big, since I usually post once a week at best.

    Why the sudden change? Well, I've been participating in a blogging challenge: Mike Allison's 15-Day Content Igniter's Challenge. This is my second time around participating in his challenge, but this is the first time that I have participated every single day.

    That's even bigger than my simply posting on this blog every day. Why? Because I'm what you might call a scatterbrain. Between writing the sequel to The Hidden Soul, editing, searching for freelancing jobs, and actually living a real life besides writing, the fact that I successfully pulled off a post every single day while following prompts sent out by the moderator, well, it's kind of a miracle.

    And then some.

    Looking back over the posts of the past thirteen days, I'm pretty amazed at what is now on here because of the challenge. I mean, half of the posts on this blog are from this challenge.

    Most writers are plagued by varying degrees of self-doubt, but because I ignored it and pushed through the doubt to complete the challenge, there are posts on here that I probably wouldn't have thought I was able to write. It's more than I thought myself capable of.

    And that's the greatest benefit of having been challenged.

    We all have an untapped potential within us. If we have the capability to put words on paper and turn them into coherent sentences, we have the capability to take them even further than that. I'm not talking about coherent words – I'm talking about inspiring, encouraging, life-changing words, words that will leave the reader a different person after they've finished.

    God has called each of us here to fulfill that purpose. If we are doing it for Him and through Him, then the sky's the limit of what we are capable of (literally). God is willing to use us if we are willing to be used, and there is nothing standing in our way.

Well, nothing but ourselves.

How this challenge helped me to stop standing in my way.

    We settle. We write our words, think they look okay, and leave them at that. I posted them that way, and yes, they were okay. But there is more to every one of us than simply 'okay', and I believe that we can reach that. I also believe that connecting and learning from others is necessary in order to achieve that goal of more than 'okay'.

    Because of Mike's challenge, I have been able to step out of my 'comfort zone', and do things I had never tried, never considered, and even things I had never heard of before. Things that I normally would never have tried, but because of this challenge, because I was in a community and had been challenged, I did. And according to the others, I succeeded. None of that would have happened had I not been challenged.

    God uses so many different things and people to guide us and help us to realize what we can do. I know He has brought me here, and I know that He has used this challenge for His purpose. Because of it, I had the desire to overcome the fear of failure and the contentedness with the 'okay', and He used that to bring out the best in me.

    And because I have been shown what I am capable of, I feel more confident of my writings, and less fearful of sharing them. For the first time in my life, I feel like the sky really could be the limit.

                         It can do the same for you.

    If you are willing to be challenged and step outside of your comfort zone, I promise that you will be amazed at what you (through Christ Who strengthens you) are capable of.

    And it will take your writing to a whole new level.