The worst day of Marcus' life was when his father enlisted him in the legions. Five years later, Marcus struggles with his hatred for Rome, for death, and for every part of the life he lives.

     He has a soul, his only friend, Justus, says. Once he loses that soul, he will accept his fate as a soldier.

     When Marcus is commissioned to crucify a Man claiming to be the Son of God, he must face his soul in a way he never has before.

     But though he thinks he has ended a Man's life, he does not realize that his own life has only just begun. When he sees Jesus alive again, he sets out to find answers, ones that will bring him to question his own soul.

    From a rocky hill called Golgotha, to a mysteriously empty tomb, to a hidden group of disciples in Jerusalem, it is a journey that will change his life forever.

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