#WIPjoy Challenge - And Introducing My Third Book!

This past month, I took part in a Twitter challenge called #WIPjoy. It focused on my current work-in-progress, which I will officially be introducing to you today!

As many of you who have followed this blog know, I've been blessed with the opportunity to write two novellas in my Roman Soul series, the story that follows a soldier in the last days of Jesus' life and the start of the early church.

What many of you don't know is that for the past few months, I have been working on book 3: Soul's Redemption!

Yes, the story of Marcus continues, and it will be coming out soon! The official release date hasn't been set, but when it is, you'll be the first to know!

Okay, announcements aside, to give you a sneak peek of what's inside Soul's Redemption. Below I've listed the prompts, and my answers, which come straight from the pages of my WIP. Here goes:

Tell us about your WIP:
"Marcus, the soldier who crucified Jesus & deserted Rome, returns home and encounters a murderer."

What stage are you at with this project? (One month ago!): "20k words in, and it doesn't have a name yet. Have a plot outline I'm excited about, and characters from the 1st two books whose stories are continued."

Describe your WIP with 5 verbs:
"Avenge, Hate, Forgive, Redeem, Sacrifice. (In that order)"

What kinds of emotions do you try to evoke with your setting?: "A sense of adventure, suspense, and wonder (playing on the history of first century Israel)."

Share a line with a detail of your protagonist's past:
"Were it any other city, I would go. But Jerusalem...” he sighed, “I suppose I only wished I could keep it in the past."
What does your antagonist love deeply?:
"My antagonist is a real historical figure (Saul of Tarsus), and he relishes in hunting down and arresting the Christians."

Which two characters have the most interesting history?:
"Marcus, the former soldier who crucified Christ and escaped the legions, and Saul, the real historical figure whose past is already known. 

Name something experienced with every sense in your WIP: "Desert. You can see, smell, taste, feel, and hear it. It surrounds you, consumes you, and threatens your life."

Is there any part of your protagonist's life that is inspired by your own past?:
"No, Marcus has a completely different backstory from mine. His personality, though, is very similar to mine."

Share a line about a setting:

"It had not changed. Not one structure or stone out of place. Not one street looked different. The sun still beat upon the dirt, and the dirt rose as his sandals shuffled over it. The streets, the sounds of people living, the sight of life still happening, all of it was the same.
Yet everything had changed."

Character week: All tweets (answers) are from
the POV of Marcus!

Share a deep regret:
"Though He forgave me, my deepest regret is that I crucified the Son of God. I was forced to, but it still weighs on my soul."

How do you feel about a character who is close to you?:
"My comrade, Justus, who risked his life and helped me escape the legions, is like a brother. I trust him with my life, and pray that he someday comes to Christ."

What is your weapon of choice?:
"A sword. Soldiers are given the best, but I traded mine to be free. I find myself with a crude dagger now, and I might use it."

How do you feel about romance?:
"Romance? I would not know. I could not even consider it when I was a soldier. Now that I am free, I am too busy to even think about it."

How do you feel about your author?:
"I am, well, somewhat similar to my author. We are both unworthy of the love and forgiveness we have received. And neither of us know how my story ends!"

Any words to future fans of yours?:
"Dear future fans: I am messed up. I committed an act worse than you ever could. But if I can be forgiven, so can you. Remember that."

(From here, no more questions for the protagonist! Back to the book...)

Share a line that hints at your theme:
"Marcus sank to one knee in grief and rage. It was real. Death was real, and those who doled out death were even more."

What is one big reason that you're writing this story?:
"I'm writing this story because Christ called me to. Because there is someone who needs to read it. And I needed to write it."

What kind of reader desperately needs this book?:
"Someone who thinks they have done too much, gone too far to receive Christ's forgiveness and grace."

What is the biggest challenge with this WIP?:
"Taking the same protagonist and adding a new dimension, making him change."

Represent your book with an image:

What is the most unique aspect of your story?
"It tells the story of Christ from a completely different perspective: the Roman who killed Him."

Share a line that is an example of your writing voice:
"Realization hit Marcus as hard as his back hit the chair “What we are asking, Marcus” Caleb leaned forward, “Is if you would return to Jerusalem.”

Share a line that gave someone "feels":
"“Marcus,” Ananias stood, “The nails that pierced his hands, the death that he died, was not only done by you,” He placed his hands on his shoulders and raised his gaze to meet Marcus', “It was done for you."

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed this, and that you'll enjoy Soul's Redemption when it is released! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the first two books in the Roman Soul series Here

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