Saying Hello

     The last time I posted on here, it was immediately following the publish date of my third book, Soul's Redemption, the third and final installment of my Roman Soul Series. In that book, I ended the story of Marcus. With the final chapter, I said goodbye. (Read more about that Here)

And for three weeks, I didn't write. Between editing and formatting, publishing and marketing Soul's Redemption, I barely wrote anything (except a constant piece of fanfiction I turn to when my mental well runs dry). I had no WIP, no characters to create, and no plots to discover. I felt out of place.

Up until that point, I don't think I ever really realized what that was like.

I've had at least one work-in-progress for about five years. Granted, for about four of those it was the same book, but I was always doing something. Writing. Creating. Discovering. Forming new worlds. I took a short break between that first manuscript and the Hidden Soul, but since then I have gone over seven straight months with a purpose, a work-in-progress. A goal. A book.

So when I went three weeks without even a rough idea, a thought, an inspiration, nothing, I began to get just the tiniest bit nervous. Your mind tends to take advantage of you when you're already questioning yourself, and put things in your mind like “What if that was it? What you'll never get a really good idea again? What if all you'll end up showing is that you're not as good at this as you look? What if you're not really a writer?”

It might sound strange to you. On the other hand, it might seem entirely familiar. But either way, this was how I felt: confused, hopeless, looking back at three books and wondering if that was it.

Until God reminded me of something, and brought me back seven months, back to right before I started the Hidden Soul, when I felt sort of the same way. And when I only found one answer: Leave it to God.

And He'll give you the story.

And I realized that this wasn't the first time I had felt like this, just that it had never felt this real. And there was no need for me to think of myself as a fake, no reason to be hopeless. I didn't plan The Hidden Soul - God did. And I didn't have to plan whatever my next story would be, because He was, and He would give it to me in His own timing.

And as always, He kept His promise.

I'm now over 15,000 words into my newest WIP, currently titled “Until the Day I Die”. Three weeks after saying goodbye to a character I had become, I got the chance to say hello. Hello to a new character, who is growing into a new friend.

And I thought I'd introduce you to him.

His name is Kyle Grisham, and he is a twenty-one year old computer genius, who is stuck in the mundane life of a toll booth operator, and whose only wish is to make a difference somehow.

And in my story, he gets his wish – when a strange vortex opens in front of him one day, and a dying man appears, claiming to be from the future – a future that only Kyle can save.

From there he decides to jump, and lands in a future forty years later - a future where the world has been taken over by one man, who rules by the power of computers and drones.

The remaining population is imprisoned, except for a small band of Christians whom Kyle comes to know. He must overcome his weakness and learn to place his trust in Someone higher in order to defeat the odds and save the world.

I'm getting to know Kyle, who is quite a bit different from Marcus, but not entirely. After all, they're both mine, so I guess there's a piece of me in both of them – and in all my characters.

The book is Christian sci-fi, and still has a very long way to go. But I am excited about the process ahead, thrilled to be writing a book all over again, and hoping that you'll join me!

If you want to learn more about my latest WIP – and want to tell me more about yours! - then join in my upcoming month-long #DecWIP Twitter event! Click Here to learn more!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this first glimpse of Until the Day I Die, and your own experience with saying hello to a new character or new book. Share in the comments below, and I hope to see you when #DecWIP starts!

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