Author Spotlight: C.S. Kadan

       C.S. Kadan was the winner of The Hidden Soul 1-year Anniversary giveaway, and in addition to other prizes he got the chance to be the first author interviewed for Author Spotlight on F4HG! 

                   Let's hear about C.S. and his work:

Are you published? If so, where can we read your work?

A: I am not published (still trying to work on that), but within the coming months I will be putting up my short stories and writing prompts onto my website

Q: What genre do you write, and why? What got you into that particular genre?

A: I write Science Fiction for the sole sake of getting indoctrinated into Star Wars when I was like 6. Literally, I remember no Star Wars, then me suddenly having a "lightsaber" and being a Jedi. I write it because it's so much more fascinating to see about another world than our current one.

Q: Tell how you first got into writing

A: You can
thank @Amelie__Lavigne for this because I met her when we were young, and we started planning the story known as Invictus, as we started playing the old Star Wars MMO: Clone Wars Adventures. It was a great time, yet as we have grown up, we changed the story so much and wrote it to be like our adventures within the game. Essentially speaking, I can attribute my current endeavors to the Liberal Arts all to her because of me meeting her. I know, bit of a big thing, but it's honestly true.

Q: What is the name of your current Work-in-progress?
A: Invictus

Q: Describe your WIP’s synopsis

A: I
n a Galaxy of Pruit Igoe and Prophecy, all in search of the weapon to control everyone, two will rise to halt darkness.

Q: Give us some fun facts about your protagonist(s)

A: I won't spoil anything, but I can attribute it to a tweet I made back in January: "Kato: I'm the best pilot around. Sarah: Yet you crashed the ship."

Q: How did you first come up with the idea for your current WIP?

A: Well, the current idea of Invictus was the blending of Halo, Star Wars, Sword Art Online and Amelie and my own adventures within Clone Wars Adventures. The original story was penned under the name of Star Wars: Rising Fire (A.K.A. Codename Project Inferno), but ever since Disney took Lucasfilm, I had to reboot it.

Q: How many years have you been writing?

7 Years. 8 in November.

Q: Roughly how many WIPs have you had since you started writing?

A: Technically, one, but I have rebooted it a lot.

Q: What is a writing stereotype that is completely not true, and why?

A: Writing is not a solo act. Writers help other writers, and if you do a lone gunslinger act, you won't get a merit badge.


Q: What genres do you read?

Everything. Literally everything. My only rule that I have is that the book genre does not be cheesy and cliche'.

Q: What is your favorite book/book series and why?

Scott Pilgrim book series is my favorite because I love O'Malley's work and it was so well done and I attribute myself to Scott.

Q: If you could bring any fictional character (yours or another book’s) to life, who would it be? What would you say to them?

A: Absolutely none of my own. I would bring in Scott Pilgrim because I love the man and we would just chill.

Q: What is your favorite quote on writing?

"Crap writing is better than no writing."

Q: What is the hardest part of writing for you?

ooks at my 40 drafts of Invictus* Keeping on a linear path.

Q: What is the easiest part? 

A: *Looks at my 40 drafts of Invictus* Creating scenery.

Q: In your own words, why do you write?

I was never really listened to in school. Everyone would be like, "Oh, look at Cable, just chilling." and they'd never want to talk or interact. I had great stories, yet no one wanted to hear them so I got into writing because I wanted people to see my world.

Q: Where can we find you? (Blog, social media, etc)

My twitter is @KatoDrakstar, with my website being in the description. FYI, I am going to be remaking the website to be rebooted within a month, so follow my Twitter for that noise. If you want custom art/writing done for you, contact
authorc.s.kadan@gmail.comfor inquiries.

Thanks C.S. Kadan for taking the time to share with us! Readers, if you want to be featured in the spotlight, just head over to the contact page and put in a request! (Make sure you put "Author Spotlight" in the subject line!)