Soul's Redemption

“It had not changed. Not one structure or stone out of place. Not one street looked different. Not one person acted differently from the day he had left. The streets, the sounds of people living, the sight of life still happening, all of it was the same.

Yet everything had changed.”

Three years have passed for Marcus since he gave his life to Christ, and he has spent those years in a quiet town in Galilee. When tragedy strikes, he makes a decision he never thought he would: To return to Jerusalem.

His choice leads him on the most harrowing adventure yet, sending him on a journey to more places than he had planned, and discovering things that will risk everything he is, right down to his faith in the Son of God.

New friends and new enemies leave him in a place where not only his life, but the lives of everyone he has come to know are at stake, and he must decide if he can face death to protect them.

In this final book of the Roman Soul Series, the life Marcus found is threatened, his faith is tested, and his journey comes full circle in ways he never could have guessed.