Words written in red                

     We spend our days writing. We write because God has called us here. We write because somewhere inside, we believe that words change things. That words can change the world.

     They can. They do. I've read things that changed how I felt. I've read things that helped me understand. I've read things that gave me joy, and things that made me angry.

     As a writer, I've written things that have touched others, and made them feel joy or anger. I can't count the words that have circled through my life and formed who I am. But the only words that changed my life, that made me different, that made my life worth living, were the words written in red.

              The words written two thousand years ago.
                     The words spoken by my Savior. 

     I write for Him. Without Him, I am nothing. Literally nothing. If I did not have Christ, I would have nothing to live for. Because, though I write so that my words can do for others what words have done for me, I write mainly so that glory can be brought to His name. Because I know what He did for me.

     Think about it. Those word have survived for two thousand years. The words of the Bible that were written even before that have lasted even longer. The words in the pages of that book have lasted longer than Shakespeare's, Hemingway's, or any of ours ever will.

     They are the most influential words ever written. The Bible is the most influential book ever read. It is the book that men and women have risked their lives for in the centuries since it was written. It was for those words that they gave their lives. Believers in the words written in red chose death over ever denying those words.

     Why? Because for two thousand years, those words written in red have been giving men and women what they seek the most: hope. Hope in something more, of a life beyond anything we could imagine, because of what Jesus did. Hope that makes this life worth living.

     The writers of the Bible didn't follow any of our made-up writing rules, but in perfect and sacred detail, it shows what Christ Himself went through on this day, Good Friday, and tells that He did it for us. Us. The ones who ran from Him, hated Him, denied that He existed. But He did it anyway. He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities. And by His wounds, we are healed.

     Those words have lasted. They've stood the test of time, unlike any other book ever written. Because they mean more than any words ever read. Because they're His. Because the God of the universe loved us so much, that He died for us. Died. He loved us so much that He was willing to go through the humiliation and pain, just to say with His last breath, “It is finished”. Because He ended thousands of years of hopelessness. Because He saved us all.

     Our words will never compare to the words of Christ. But our words, small as they may be, are meant to direct people to the words He spoke. Because our words might make them feel good, might make them think. But His are the words that will change their lives.

                  He was pierced for our transgressions,
                          He was crushed for our sins,
                 The punishment that brought us peace,
                                  Was upon Him,
                               And by His wounds,
                       By His wounds we are healed.